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Armed Forces Resettlement Courses

After any number of years in the Armed Forces, deciding where to go next is an extremely difficult decision for many people. With staff that have gone through the resettlement process themselves and understand how daunting it can be, Training Courses Bristol are pleased to offer guidance to ex-Armed Forces members in the form of resettlement courses that will set them on their way to a new life as a professional tradesperson. Our army resettlement training will enable you to:
  • Embark upon a rewarding new career path
  • Make upwards of £30,000 p.a.
  • Choose your hours and be your own boss
  • Carry out odd jobs in your own home
Read on to discover what resettlement training is available to you in South West England. Previous students have come from Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Swindon, Gloucester, and beyond.

A variety of trades at your fingertips

Training Courses Bristol ensure that the resettlement courses we recommend are providing students with exactly what they need to start a new life, and this devotion has led us to become an MoD preferred supplier. We don’t just recommend courses to those looking for a new career either – many ex-Armed Forces members may have never lived in their own property and therefore have no idea where to start in making their first home shine, which is why our courses are equally suitable for those in need of some all-important DIY skills.

All trades can be studied as part of your army resettlement training, including: Should you find yourself training far away from home, we can also provide you with top quality accommodation complete with meals. Our recommended training centres are staffed by experienced industry professionals, and while training there you will undoubtedly meet other ex-Armed Forces members with the same end goal in mind.

A college course in one of these trades could take you years to complete, time that you may not necessarily have. But with our recommended resettlement courses, you’ll be at a professional standard in a matter of weeks, ready to head out into the next chapter of your life.

Enhanced Learning Credits-Eligible Trades Training

The resettlement funding process is confusing to a lot of people, but to put it simply, all military personnel can join the Enhanced Learning Credits scheme (also known as ELCs) and claim up to £6000 toward the cost of resettlement courses and education. This isn’t the only benefit on offer to you either, with additional funding available to help you prepare for civilian employment. These are known as Individual Resettlement Training Costs (ITRC).

Still confused? The main thing you need to know is that Training Courses Bristol can put you in touch with an ELC provider, meaning that you can use the money to which you are entitled to fund the cost of your course. Our course advisers know the process well and will be able to guide you through it in more detail, as well as all of the necessary paperwork.

If you have any more questions about our army resettlement training, please get in contact via telephone or the online form found to the right of this page.