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Inspection & Testing Courses in the South West

This highly sought-after qualification is among the top tier of electrical awards, opening a whole new field of work for electricians in the field of inspecting and testing. With it, you will be able to become a NICEIC/ECA qualified supervisor, able to perform periodic inspections of a variety of different premises, issue landlord certificates and advance your career into managerial and supervisory positions. However the 2395 course is notoriously difficult to pass, creating a high demand for electricians qualified in this field.

This is where Training Courses Bristol step in. Despite all odds we maintain an exceptionally high pass rate on inspection and testing courses, making us one of the best training providers for the 2395 in the country. So if you’re an electrician living for Bristol, Gloucester, Salisbury, Swindon, or anywhere else nearby, you can take advantage of the top quality training right on your doorstep.

Inspection & Testing Course Breakdown

Our electrical teaching staff will guide you rigorously through the following aspects of inspection and testing;
  • Statutory and non-statutory requirements for testing electrical installations
  • Dangers of electrical testing and vital safety precautions
  • Initial verification of installations
  • Following regulations in regards to visual inspection of installations
  • Periodic inspection and testing requirements and procedures
  • How to use suitable test equipment
  • Evaluating and interpreting test findings
  • Completing periodic inspection reports
Candidates will be assessed with both written and practical examinations, testing you on each and every area you’ve learnt on the 2395 course.

Am I Suitable for the Inspection & Testing Courses?

While there are no official requirements for the 2395 course, it is an advanced electrical qualification not ideal for beginners. Candidates will be expected to have some experience as a practicing electrician, including knowledge of PIRs (Periodic Inspection Reports).

If you do not fit this category yet would still like to learn more about inspection and testing, groundwork training is also available via the Level 2 2392 course. This will provide candidates with the foundation knowledge they need to progress onto the more advanced 2395 course.

To find out more about how your electrical career can benefit from becoming an electrical inspector or the contents of the 2395 course itself, please get in contact with Training Courses Bristol. We’ll be more than happy to tell you more about the opportunities available to you in South West England.