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Salisbury Training Services – Become a Tradesperson!

Fed up with your job prospects? Feel trapped and stuck in a rut? It really has never been easier to embark on a completely new career and even to become your own boss.

We provide a wide range of trades training courses in Salisbury and throughout the South West, helping people to learn the skills they need to change their lives or simply carry out some DIY to a high standard and save on the cost of contractors.

We provide professionally accredited:

Expert trainers and state of the art facilities

The state of the art facilities that we recommend have been developed specifically to give you first-hand experience of the type of jobs you will be faced with when out onsite. We ensure that providers keep their classes small to ensure that a tutor is always on hand to give you the advice and attention you need, and this results in pass rates of more than 95%. By mixing the practical and the theoretical you will be taught exactly what you need to know to confidently embark on your new career, safe in the knowledge that you possess all the skills you need.

Flexible training which fits around your existing commitments

When retraining, it is likely that you already have some unavoidable commitments, whether that is an existing daytime job (meaning that you are only available to complete your trades training in the evenings or on weekends) or family commitments which mean your training may have to take place on more of an ad-hoc basis. Either way, we will help create a training schedule that suits you.

For further information about our Salisbury training courses (including plumbing training, electrical training and carpentry courses), please call us today on 0333 344 2358.