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Join a Bricklaying Course in South West England

With bricklaying among the most desirable skills in the UK industry right now, there has never been a better time to qualify and become a professional bricklayer. Bricklaying is a career that has great potential as either an employee for a larger firm or as a self-employed tradesperson, but first you’ll need the necessary bricklaying qualifications to show you have the skills and knowledge required. This is where Training Courses Bristol step in, recommending a variety of comprehensive bricklaying courses to students throughout the South West of England.

Our recommended courses aren’t just for aspiring tradespeople either! We also welcome DIY enthusiasts wishing to build up new skills in order to build their own garden walls, patios and more. Just read on to find out what’s on offer. Once trained you will be able to:

Once trained, you will be able to:
  • Start your own bricklaying business
  • Be your own boss and choose the hours you work
  • Earn great wages (bricklayers frequently make upwards of £30k)
  • Acquire additional bricklaying qualifications to broaden your skillset

Accredited Bricklaying Qualifications

Bricklaying isn’t a skill that you can simply learn from a textbook – it’s something that requires proper hands-on training with the right amount of theory knowledge to back it up. This is exactly how we structure our courses, teaching students through hands-on training based on real-life scenarios you may come across in the workplace. Our recommended training facilities are always City & Guilds approved, and in turn the courses themselves all offer the required City & Guilds qualifications required by the industry.

The specialist bricklaying course that we recommend is designed to focus on specific aspects of the trade that will come in handy to tradespeople and DIY aficionados alike. These include:
  • Patio Construction
  • Garden Brickwork
  • Retaining walls and BBQs
  • “Wet Trades” – combining bricklaying, plastering and tiling
For those looking to enter bricklaying as a career, the CAA Level 2 diploma is the most important qualification of all; this is what you should be aiming for, and we can help it happen. You don’t need any prior training to start your bricklaying course – just the drive and determination to make that dream come true. We’ll build your skills from the ground up, eventually supporting you as you complete your work portfolio in order to achieve that all-important diploma.

Build your bricklaying course to suit you

Our recommended bricklaying courses are intensive and designed so that they can be completed in the shortest amount of time without losing any of the quality. Still, we understand that this is something not everyone can manage easily. There are many reasons why someone might not be able to complete their course all in one go, which is why they can also be studied on a part-time basis to a time frame that might suit you better.

Just give us a call or fill in the online form today to hear more about the bricklaying qualifications that we can offer students for Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Taunton, and the surrounding areas.